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CNC machining

We’re always looking for ways to improve the part procurement process for our customers, and lead times are a particular focus. 

Which is why we’re happy to announce shorter lead times for larger geometries, CNC turned parts, and parts with undercuts! These faster turnaround times are now possible thanks to a more efficient material sourcing process and improved communications with our manufacturing partners. We’ve also added greater capacity throughout our domestic network with expanded daily manufacturing hours. 

Here are the specifics you need to know: 

Parts longer than 18 inches and smaller than 24 inches now have a minimum 3 days lead time. Parts longer than 24 inches and less than 36 inches have a minimum 4 day lead time, while parts longer than 36 inches now have a minimum 5 day lead time — assuming no finishing or post-processing requirements. 

CNC turned parts also now have a lead time as short as 3 days. And parts with undercuts, traditionally challenging due to tooling and setup requirements, now have a minimum lead time of just 4 days.

And all of these shorter lead times are good for every type of CNC Machining material we carry, so create an account (or log in), upload your designs, and get a free, instant online CNC quote for your next CNC project today.