In this webinar, we introduce you to the concept of design for least effort CNC machining. This concept will take you beyond the fundamentals of DFM (design for manufacturability), which is about do’s and don’ts, and help you uplevel your DFM skills to design parts that are cheaper, faster, and less risky to manufacture. 

You’ll walk away knowing:

  • The five design parameters that contribute to manufacturing effort for CNC machining
  • What materials to use for least effort machining
  • How to design part geometry to simplify machining and limit the number of setups required
  • How to leverage stock materials to make certain geometries low effort
  • How to define tolerance and look and feel to avoid unnecessary costs and lead times
  • Definitions of essential CNC machining terminology, including: reachability, setups, part stiffness, chatter, removed material ratio

This webinar is part of the DFM for CNC Master Class Module 1, "Minimizing Lead Time & Cost."