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The Challenge: Meeting To-Market Deadlines

In the world of construction and building product manufacturing, go-to-market launch dates are set — and need to be met. However, designing complex and custom parts isn’t an inherently speedy process, and making a part that meets exact specifications and performance requirements may take dozens of iterations. This creates a need for a design-to-production solution that prevents delays and promotes a quicker time-to-market.

The Solution: Injection Molding through Fictiv

Fictiv provides the resources and technical expertise to speed up the design, development and production of construction industry parts — helping construction part companies meet rigid product development timelines. 

In the beginning stages of a project, Fictiv will analyze part designs and provide Design for Manufacturability (DFM) feedback — offering full visibility into cost drivers and potential manufacturing risks. The DFM feedback also enables companies to make design adjustments earlier in the process to avoid costly pitfalls and pick up efficiencies along the way. 

Tapping into a wide range of manufacturing options, Fictiv helps identify the right manufacturing facility that produces high-quality parts that meet specific performance requirements within the required timeframe.

The Impact: Accelerating Quality Part Production

In a competitive construction market where supply demand is high, getting a top-tier product to market fast is crucial. Leveraging its technical design expertise and network of injection molding partners, Fictiv has helped companies achieve custom, complex, high-quality products in as little as 10 days. A feat with repeatable results.