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The Challenge: Avoid Gate-Related Part Defects

Injection molding gates are larger or smaller in order to support the direction and volume of flow into the mold cavity. If a gate is too large, molten plastic may fill the cavity unevenly and cause part defects such as weld lines and shrinkage. If a gate is too small, short shots and incomplete filling of the mold cavity may occur. Incorrect placement of a gate can also cause blemishes and interfere with the opening of the mold during part ejection. 

Injection molding gates

The Solution: Expert Assistance with Injection Molding Gates  

When you partner with Fictiv, we get you injection molds with the right types of gates, in the right sizes, in the right places. We can also help with trimming, the removal of plastic material that cools, solidifies and seals off the gate when molding is complete. You may not think about injection molding gates when you design your plastic product, but the success of your project depends upon this aspect of mold design.

For example, if you’re designing a thick-walled plastic part for a medical product, we’ll discuss the importance of using a large enough gate to support a higher volume of material flow. Different materials have different flow rates, however, so a plastic that flows readily (such as polypropylene) may need a gate depth that’s based on only 50% of the part wall thickness. And when deciding gate placement, we may recommend locating the gate where the part wall is thickest, even if it’s not along the parting line.

plastic injection molding

The Result: High Part Quality And Faster Time to Market

Fictiv’s design for manufacturing (DFM) review helps you to avoid costly mistakes — like part defects — caused by using gates that are too large, too small, or located in the wrong place. We can also help you to avoid using the wrong type of gate, which determines whether trimming is manual or automatic. For designers of injection molded parts, working with Fictiv also means you can get T1 samples shipped in as fast as 10 days.
At Fictiv, we have the resources, know-how, and manufacturing network to deliver the plastic injection molding products you need. Learn more about our injection molding services and create an account to get a quote today.