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The Challenge: Avoid Incorrect or Incomplete Tolerances

Designers can specify less expensive commercial tolerances or more expensive precision tolerances on part drawings. There isn’t just one type of injection molding tolerance, however, and using the wrong tolerances can result in parts that don’t fit together correctly or that cost too much to produce. For injection molded parts in larger assemblies, it’s also important to consider how all of the parts fit together.

part tolerances

The Solution: The Right Tolerances and Expert Assistance

When you partner with Fictiv, we can help you to determine whether you need dimensional tolerances that are commercial or precision grade. We can also help you to specify tolerances for straightness/flatness, hole diameter, blind hole depth, and concentricity/ovality. Then, to ensure that all of your parts fit together, we’ll work with you to perform what’s known as a tolerance stackup.

For example, if you’re designing injection molded parts for medical applications, you may need to use dimensional tolerances of ±0.025 mm. That’s considerably tighter than the ±0.1 mm that’s typical for consumer applications, but you’ll need T1 samples that let you check all of your drawing dimensions, especially for critical features such as holes that must accommodate fasteners.

dimensional tolerances

The Impact: Cost-Effective Quality and Faster Time to Market

Fictiv’s design for manufacturing (DFM) review helps you to avoid costly mistakes such as part redesigns caused by using incorrect or incomplete tolerances. We also help you avoid tolerance-related problems through help with material selection and tooling, both of which affect your part’s dimensions. For designers of injection molded medical parts, the benefits of working with us include faster time to market with T1 samples in as fast as 10 days.

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