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Ricky Frohnerath is a marketer focused on the manufacturing and technology industries. When he's not advising on the correct pronunciation of his last name, he enjoys talking about electric vehicles and racecars - especially electric racecars.

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Two-Shot Injection Molding vs Overmolding

In the world of injection molding services, manufacturers and designers have several techniques at their disposal to create high-quality, functional, and aesthetically pleasing plastic parts. Among the most advanced and versatile techniques are two-shot injection molding and overmolding. Both techniques offer unique advantages and are suited for different applications, yet they are often confused or […]


Fictiv Introduces and demonstrates New AI Capabilities & Mold Flow Library at NPE2024

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, April 24, 2024—Fictiv, a global manufacturing company with manufacturing centers in Mexico, India, China, and the USA, will debut innovations for its Injection Molding offerings at this year’s NPE2024 show in Orlando. The show is hosted by the Plastics Industry Association, and Fictiv will be in Booth S26140. As artificial intelligence […]


Introducing PPAP with Fictiv

There are many aspects of manufacturing that can make or break a production timeline, and few are as important as quality for a program’s schedule and success. You can go as fast as possible, but if the end result isn’t in-spec, any extra time will be spent fixing the problems. This doesn’t account for money […]


The Future of CNC Machining – 2024 and Beyond

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, CNC machining stands at the forefront of innovation. This field is not just about shaping materials; it’s about shaping the future. As we delve into 2024 and beyond, the landscape of CNC machining is evolving rapidly, driven by technological advancements and industry demands.  Throughout this article, we’re using AI […]


Transitioning from Prototype to Low Volume and Mass Production: A Comprehensive Guide with Expert Insights

The journey from initial prototype to mass production is a complex transformation for the development lifecycle of any product. While the progression isn’t perfectly linear, this guide highlights critical aspects of the process – from prototyping to testing and validation to bridge production to mass production. To help explain each key stage, we’re tapping into […]


What’s New on the Fictiv Platform

As the operating system for custom manufacturing, the Fictiv platform is constantly evolving. Whether it’s workflow automation, our digital quality system, or guided expertise features, every release makes it faster, easier, and more efficient to source and supply mechanical parts. So bookmark and share this page, and check back often to learn about Fictiv’s latest […]