Design and Sourcing Considerations for Custom Springs
Written by
Sylvia Wu

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March 15, 2017

From jewelry clasps to industrial robots, springs are everywhere, and odds are, most mechanical engineers will come across their first spring design problem within a year of getting an engineering degree. The latest post on the Hardware Guide talks about how to approach custom spring design: by gathering requirements, finding the closest stock spring that will work, and then creating a custom spring in production.

different types of springs

The post covers:

  • Load condition
  • Material considerations
  • Mounting requirements
  • Selecting a stock spring for prototyping
  • The process of getting from prototyping to production

When a design calls for springs, it’s critical to start by identifying load conditions and try off-the-shelf springs first when prototyping. Check out the latest Hardware Guide post to learn more about designing custom springs.

Written by
Sylvia Wu
Fictiv Manufacturing Engineer. My favorite products are the ones I get to assemble.
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