Accura ClearVue

accura clearvue clearcoat sla 3d printing material

At a Glance


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As fast as 3 days
0.1 mm
optics, packaging,
visualization modeling

About the Material

Accura ClearVue is a translucent material with a good balance of aesthetic and physical properties. Comparable to machined Polycarbonate, this material has substantial durability, considerable moisture resistance, and a smooth surface finish. Additionally, Accura ClearVue with Clear Coat can achieve the highest level of transparency out of our material offerings. It’s the most suitable for high clarity applications, like optics, packaging, and visualization models or assemblies.

Material Properties

Tensile Strength

Elongation at Break

Modulus of Elasticity

Flexural Strength

52 MPa (7542 psi)
2330MPa (338 ksi)
83 MPa (12038 psi)

Material Finish

Design Recommendations

Max Part Size [x, y, z]

Min Clearance + Gaps for Fit

Min Wall Thickness

10 x 10 x 10 inches
(254 x 254 x 254 mm)
0.5 mm between parts that need to be assembled
0.2 mm between shells of an interlocking part
1 mm

Text Guidelines

Embossed features should be at least 0.1 mm from the surface below. Debossed features should be at least 0.4 mm wide to avoid the opposing walls from fusing together.

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