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Our digital quote-to-order platform puts you back in the driver’s seat and keeps you connected at every step of the manufacturing process. Get parts in as little as 2 days.

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Waiting days to get a quote is a thing of the past. With Fictiv, you get pricing instantly, or within 1 hour for complex parts that require additional guided expertise. In addition to 3D CAD, we accept 2D drawings for tight tolerances and other specialized requirements.

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Every part uploaded to the platform receives expert design for manufacturability feedback—including instant, automated warnings, and customized recommendations from our manufacturing engineers, as needed.

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Transparency doesn’t end after you place your order. Get real-time visibility into the production status of your parts, including photos of your parts at the manufacturing partner facility taken during inspection.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: A Machining Hub

Pittsburgh has been an industrial powerhouse since the birth of this country. Through most of the 1900s, steel manufacturing and the services that support it were the primary economic drivers. As international demand for steel waned and steel plants began to close their doors, the search began for businesses to fill the void.
This was due in part to the city’s unique location and geology — and the fact that it already had the infrastructure to support large-scale manufacturing. Pittsburgh is home to the second-largest inland port in America, 18 different rail lines, countless miles of superhighway in every direction, and a large airport. With time, other types of manufacturing companies found their way to Pittsburgh.

As manufacturing was reborn in Pittsburgh, machining the tools and parts needed for all types of industries grew right along with it. Machining itself became a major source of economic growth for the region. Now, the area’s machine shops meet the needs not only of manufacturers in the Pittsburgh area but around the country and the globe.

As technology advanced, so did the machining industry, leading to the birth of CNC machining. Pittsburgh was already the home of major universities, like Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh, where digital technology and the computer sciences were being developed. So, it makes sense that the machining shops in the area would be at the forefront of the technology-driven CNC machining trend.

Currently, there are 65 CNC machine shops in the greater Pittsburgh area. They create the tools and components needed for the manufacture of goods in the global marketplace. Steel may have put Pittsburgh on the map, but a continually evolving and advancing manufacturing and machining industry will keep it there for years to come.

Fictiv’s Connection to Pittsburgh

Hebi Robotics, located just beyond the shores of the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh, chose Fictiv to increase supply chain reliability. HEBI found that Fictiv was able to supply great communication and competitive overseas pricing for over 14,500 parts. Through Fictiv’s digital manufacturing ecosystem, the HEBI team was able to access a wide range of high quality part manufacturing capabilities through a single streamlined source. Fictiv has been able to meet HEBI’s needs for injection molding, as well as for small parts like transmissions with small, custom gears.

The aptly named Gecko Robotics, currently located in the East Liberty area of Pittsburgh, makes robots that are capable of scaling walls, pipelines, and other industrial structures in order to identify potential failures before they occur. Gecko turned to Fictiv to provide reliable parts on an ambitious schedule. They were impressed by the instant CNC quotes, automated manufacturability feedback, and tolerances as low as +/- 0.01mm. With Fictiv, Gecko was able to get instantaneous quotes for unique and high tolerance parts.

The Robotics Industry in Pittsburgh

Born out of the extensive and groundbreaking research done at Carnegie Mellon University, the robotics industry in Pittsburgh has taken on a life of its own. Currently known as the Robotics Capitol of the World, or Roboburgh, the area has given birth to the greatest cluster of AI and robotics development companies worldwide.
The area has seen a 300% increase in jobs in the robotics technology sector since 2011, with the birth and development of over 50 robotic technology companies and organizations. The first self-driving robotic car was also born in Pittsburgh and now the area boasts The Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute, where for the first time university students can earn a PhD in Robotics.
Gecko Robotics

What’s led to Pittsburgh’s rapid growth in the robotics industry?

An Abundance of Talent

As the home to two major universities and several smaller schools that are at the forefront of computer-driven technology research, there is no shortage of young, inspired, and creative minds to fuel the robotics industry and keep it cutting-edge.

A Long History

Pittsburgh has been an industrial and manufacturing hub for generations, leading to a culture that is both educated and willing to get their hands dirty to get the job done.

Low Cost of Living

Compared to the other hubs of technology in America, like Silicon Valley and Boston, the cost of living, and running a business, in Pittsburgh is low. Add to that private and city-based incentives to bring in more technology-driven business and you get a powerful motivator for the growth and development of even more robotics companies.


The large number of manufacturing and machining businesses are constantly in search of new and better ways to get things done to provide a steady, local demand for robotics technology.

Financial and Intellectual Investment

Many large companies have invested heavily in the Pittsburgh economy and local organizations have given time, money, and influence to encourage the growth of the robotics industry.

Pittsburgh Robotics Network

One of the local organizations devoted to the growth of the robotics industry in the area is the Pittsburgh Robotics Network (PRN). Fictiv has been a proud sponsor of the Pittsburgh Robotics Network. Formed in 2016, this network was created not only to encourage the birth of new robotics companies but also to bolster those already in existence.

Currently, this alliance is made up of leaders of local research institutions, universities, and robotics companies. This connected community endeavors to share resources and ideas to keep the robotics industry on the cutting edge.

In 2020, PRN began a campaign to push Pittsburgh to the forefront of the robotics industry and stimulate the growth of both AI and robotics around the world. They have been successful on both fronts.

Source: Argo AI

Recent successes from the PRN

  • Working with member company Argo to create, improve, and promote the first self-driving car.
  • Successfully integrating robot technology into much of Pittsburgh’s daily life by encouraging and facilitating their use in local companies and industries, creating a real-life showcase for the technology.
  • Creating a space for collaboration and resource sharing for over 100 organizations in the robotics industry.
  • Bolstering explorations and experimentation within the robot industry by creating an environment where the sharing of knowledge is encouraged and the success of the robotics industry as a whole is prioritized over competition between individual companies of research centers.

All things considered, it seems that Pittsburgh has positioned itself to be a powerhouse in the robotics industry for years to come.

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