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Manufacturing Processes


Enclosure Design 101

While the power of a hardware product comes from its internal components, a product is typically recognized by its enclosure, the outer shell that encloses electronic products, making them appealing and user-friendly. In this post, I’m going to walk you through the steps for designing a basic enclosure, using the design of a IoT plant […]


From Snap Fits to Adhesives: A Comprehensive Guide to Mechanical Fastener Options

Fictiv’s guide to fasteners for 3D printed parts includes an overview of threaded inserts, self-threading screws, captured hex nuts, as well as how to design threads and cut threads with a tap. In this article, we’ll examine plastic fastening assemblies for CNC machined and 3D printed parts, including:  This guide will help you choose the […]


9 Tips for Better Engineering Drawings that Save Time and Money

This article was revised by Tessa Axsom in September 2023 Even in 2023, with the rising popularity of model-based definitions, engineering drawings are still a great way to communicate design intent for CNC machined parts that require tight tolerances, material specifications, or other special requirements. That’s why many Fictiv customers in the robotics, aerospace, automotive, […]


How to Design Wire Guides that are Functional and Beautiful

A robot performing parkour was impossible 30 years ago, but now, Boston Dynamic’s Atlas robot can traverse an obstacle course gracefully and precisely. Boston Dynamics uses Atlas as an exercise to unlock the next generation of mobility, perception, and athletic intelligence in robotics. The Atlas robot is constructed of a beautiful combination of 3D-printed titanium […]


Guide to Foamcore Joining Techniques

Foamcore (also known as foam board or foam core) is a lightweight building material typically consisting of an inner foam layer sandwiched by paper or another thin, lightweight material. If you have put together a poster for a school project or a work-related presentation, odds are you’re familiar with rigid foam core poster board. Foamcore […]


Types of Springs and their Applications: An Overview

Springs are common in all kinds of machines — from consumer products to heavy industrial equipment. Take apart anything that involves a mechanism, and chances are, you’ll find a spring inside. Springs are storage devices for mechanical energy, analogous to the electrical storage capacity of batteries. The earliest spring-driven clocks appeared in the 1400s. Fast-forward […]

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