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As an engineer or designer, it can be tough to know which manufacturing process or material will best translate your designs in a physical prototype. To help teams deepen their understanding of the different technologies and materials available to them on the Fictiv platform, we launched our new Capabilities Guide: an online resource to explore the different fabrication processes, materials, and finishing options available on Fictiv’s on-demand manufacturing platform.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll find in the Capabilities Guide:

Explore Fictiv Manufacturing Processes

In the Capabilities Guide, you’ll find information on each of our manufacturing technologies, including FDM, Polyjet, and SLS 3D printing, CNC milling and CNC turning (lathe), and urethane casting.

fictiv cnc lathe capabiltiies

Each page includes a general overview about the process, a snapshot of some of the machines you’ll get access to on the Fictiv manufacturing network, design recommendations and tips for that specific technology, and related resources from our Blog and Hardware Guide.

fictiv mill capabilities

You can also easily see which material options are available for each manufacturing process and quickly click through to learn more about a material.

fictiv material options for urethane casting

Explore Fictiv Material Options

You can also explore the Capabilities Guide by looking at our range of material options across rigid plastics, elastomers, and metals.

fictiv pla 3d printing material

On each of these pages, you’ll find a general overview about the material, material properties and a downloadable datasheet, design recommendations for each material, including max part size and min wall thickness, and related resources from our Blog and Hardware Guide.

Explore Fictiv Material Finishing Options

Our range of materials can be finished to achieve a variety of textures and aesthetics. In this section of the Capabilities Guide, you can browse the different material finishing options across 3D printing and CNC machining and find an overview of the finishing process, material options for each process, and related resources from our Blog and Hardware Guide.

fictiv powder coating

Find Quick Answers in Our Help Center

With more information about our manufacturing capabilities, you’re ready to create a Fictiv account and start uploading files for instant quotes, DFM feedback in < 1 hour from our team of engineers, and fast checkout with a PO or credit card.

As you’re getting set up, you may have some questions along the way and now you can find quick answers in our new Help Center.

fictiv help center

Here, you can find answers to common questions such as:

If you have further questions, you can always live chat with one of our amazing prototyping engineers.

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