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In today’s manufacturing world, technology is transforming how things are made — it’s revolutionizing traditional processes, and opening new possibilities for increased efficiency, accessibility, and interconnectedness. One of these transformative tools is online CNC machining.

a Fictiv CNC machined aluminum sample

Over the past several decades, CNC machining has been transformed by online ordering because it optimizes production and reduces costs as compared to traditional manufacturing. 

With unprecedented access to CNC machining services, it’s easier, more convenient, and cost-effective for engineers to source CNC parts than ever before — because online CNC solves many common problems in traditional manufacturing: 

  1. Slow part quoting
  2. Long lead times when prototyping with CNC 
  3. Low priority for Low-volume CNC or prototype CNC orders
  4. Resolving quality problems with current suppliers quickly
  5. Line-down situations that mean waiting weeks for machine replacement parts

In this article, we will explore the benefits — both to businesses and the manufacturing industry — of ordering CNC machined parts online.

Accessibility and Convenience

 a Fictiv polycarbonate CNC machined sample

Ordering CNC machined parts online offers unparalleled accessibility and convenience: 

  1. With a few clicks, businesses can submit their design files or specifications from anywhere, which makes sourcing CNC parts incredibly convenient. 
  2. This online accessibility creates opportunities for global collaboration and lets businesses work with the best CNC machinists, regardless of location. 
  3. Online platforms streamline the entire procurement process, from submitting design files to making payments and tracking manufacturing progress. 
  4. Digital CNC orders eliminate the time and effort requirement for in-person visits.

With Fictiv, your engineers, designers, and purchasers can easily order precision CNC parts online with our simple, intelligent platform: 

Efficiency Gains

Online CNC machining services can offer competitive pricing due to the presence of a global marketplace. Customers can easily compare quotes from different suppliers and choose the best combination of cost and value to optimize their manufacturing budget. 

Moreover, online platforms remove the necessity for intermediaries, which lowers overhead costs and makes CNC machining more accessible. The ability to easily access cost-effective CNC machining services — with just a few clicks — offers a huge advantage to businesses seeking to minimize expenses without compromising on quality.

efficiency gains with the Fictiv platform

Leveraging online CNC allows businesses to streamline their supply chain and cut unecessary costs. For example, with Fictiv, you save valuable time (and therefore, money) that would otherwise be wasted on tedious and time-consuming tasks like: 

  • sourcing and vetting suppliers
  • getting multiple quotes
  • emailing back and forth to get to final quotes
  • resolving quality issues via email or conference calls

And Fictiv’s platform connects businesses with a network of trusted and highly-vetted suppliers that offer a range of competitive CNC manufacturing and finishing services — so you can get all of your CNC needs met in one place. In short, online CNC manufacturing simplifies the procurement and production process. 

You can also realize efficiency gains by using online CNC machining, which delivers fast turnaround times, high-quality manufacturing, and on-time delivery. With Fictiv, our platform provides full transparency with regular production updates and access to inspection reports online. So you know you’ll get the parts you need when you need them to keep your business running smoothly. 

Fictiv offers a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to streamline their procurement process and reduce costs on their CNC machined parts. So sign up for a free account today, and streamline your CNC supply chain today!

Faster Turnaround Time

If you’re like most product designers and engineers I know, you’re rushing to meet several deadlines at any given point in time. And you may even have a project or two that’s behind schedule due to complex and heavily revised timelines. So, it’s critical to find time savings where you can. 

Online CNC machining can accelerate your turnaround time from quote to delivery, and here’s how it works: 

  1. Expedited ordering process → gets your part designs to suppliers faster
  2. Instant quotes and DFM feedback → gives you the data you need to make decisions or revisions in real-time
  3. Real-time transparency of the true time and money costs for tighter tolerances, finishing options, and domestic vs. overseas production → enables you to make quick and educated decisions about the necessity of extras up-front
  4. A vast network of manufacturers → enabling quick sourcing and a faster path to begin production

Faster turnaround times make it easier to meet tight deadlines and respond promptly to market demands — both crucial advantages in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

Pro-Tip: Check out our Heliospace Case Study to learn how Fictiv cut Heliospace’s production lead times from 18 weeks down to 2 weeks.

Quality Assurance

Reputable online CNC machining platforms typically work with experienced manufacturers and have stringent quality control measures in place. They often offer certifications, such as ISO 9001, to ensure that parts meet required standards. 

Fictiv platform quality assurance - visual inspection

Additionally, online platforms offer a range of material and finishing options, allowing customers to select the desired qualities for their specific applications. This ensures that businesses receive high-quality CNC machined parts that meet their exact specifications.

Customization and Design Iterations

Online CNC machining services also offer flexibility when it comes to design iterations and customization — you can easily modify, iterate, and upload new designs based on feedback or changing requirements. 

Fictiv enables rapid customization and design iterations

This agility allows for faster prototyping and product development cycles, which reduces your time-to-market. So you can experiment, refine, and iterate your designs until they achieve the desired outcome, without geographical constraints or the time-consuming processes required by traditional manufacturing. 

This ability to rapidly customize and iterate designs is instrumental in staying competitive and meeting the ever-evolving demands of customers.

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

Fictiv provides instant communication and feedback options

Online platforms also offer far more effective and efficient communication between customers and suppliers. Any seasoned engineer will tell you how important it is to have direct access to suppliers — so you can discuss requirements, clarify specifications, and quickly address any concerns. 

Online CNC services provide an always open line of communication to foster collaboration and ensure that the final product meets your desired specifications. 

Streamlined Scalability

Because they leverage a network of machinists, online CNC machining services can handle orders of various quantities, from low-volume prototypes to large-scale production runs, and bridge production in-between. And you can quickly scale up or down production based on market demands or project requirements without facing significant logistical challenges. 

This scalability enables businesses to adapt swiftly to changing market conditions, efficiently manage their production capacity, and seize new opportunities without incurring excessive costs or delays.

Ordering CNC machined parts online offers myriad benefits that make sourcing simpler and businesses more profitable and efficient. The accessibility, convenience, cost efficiency, fast turnaround times, quality assurance, customization options, enhanced communication, and scalability provided by online CNC platforms are revolutionizing the way products are developed and manufactured. 

Embracing this trend is just good business — it lets you optimize production processes, enhance your competitiveness, and leverage the vast potential of a global marketplace. The future is now, and businesses that embrace online ordering of CNC machined parts will have an advantage over their competition moving forward.

Choose Fictiv for all your online CNC part manufacturing needs. Sign up for a free account and see how beneficial our CNC machining services can be for you!