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Manufacturing Processes


Finding the Right Secondary Operations after CNC machining, Part I: Heat Treatments

Welcome to the world of post-CNC heat treatment! Now that you’ve successfully CNC machined your parts, it’s time to give them the TLC they deserve. Don’t let those raw components go out into the world without a little extra oomph.  Once you’ve finished CNC machining your parts, your work isn’t done. Those raw components might […]


Common Plastic Materials for Injection Molding

Plastic materials for injection molding range from commonly used polymers to specialty plastics and polymer blends. There are hundreds of different plastic resins available, and they each have different end-use properties and processing requirements. Plus, there are different grades of the same plastic material, including resin types with fillers such as glass fibers or carbon […]


Top-Performing Corrosion-Resistant Materials

Corrosion is a common problem that affects various materials and structures, reducing their lifespan and potentially causing serious safety hazards. To overcome this issue, scientists and engineers have developed various corrosion-resistant materials that are designed to withstand the damaging effects of various corrosive agents.  In this article, we will explore the top-performing corrosion-resistant materials and […]


ABS Injection Molding

ABS is a commonly used injection molding material with three main ingredients: acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene. Each of these monomers imparts specific properties and provides ABS plastic with a robust combination of features.  ABS is relatively inexpensive and supports color matching. It’s often used in consumer goods and electronic components, but isn’t the best choice […]


Working with Copper: Design, Machining, and Finish Requirements

Copper is a truly versatile metal. Copper has a naturally beautiful, shiny finish that makes it desirable for artwork, cookware, kitchen backsplashes, countertops, and even jewelry. It also has excellent material and electrical properties for engineered, complex parts, like EDM electrodes. There are many benefits to using copper for machined parts. Copper is one of […]


What You Need to Know About CNC Machining Aluminum

Aluminum is the name of the most abundant metallic element found in earth’s crust, which is part of the reason why it’s used in so many objects that we use every day. In fact, it’s the most widely used non-ferrous metal (meaning that it doesn’t contain any iron). Aluminum is found both in common objects, […]

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