Types of Springs and their Applications: An Overview

Springs are common in all kinds of machines — from consumer products to heavy industrial equipment. Take apart anything that involves a mechanism, and chances are, you’ll find a spring inside. Springs are storage devices for mechanical energy, analogous to the electrical storage capacity of batteries. The earliest spring-driven clocks appeared in the 1400s. Fast-forward […]


5 Tips for Developing People Skills as an Engineer

Let’s face it, engineers aren’t often known for their people skills. In fact, there is a connotation with engineering professionals that says we’re socially awkward, introverted, and just plain nerdy. Now there may be some truth to that — in my decade as an engineer, I have had many many awkward meetings, elevator rides, and […]


A Guide to Rivet Types and Their Common Uses

Rivets are a versatile and low-cost method for fastening two components together. They’re typically used to attach sheet and structural members, and in some cases only require access to one side of the joint to install. Rivets are low-cost and come in a range of different materials like aluminum, stainless steel, and copper. This article […]


How to Modify and Import STEP Files

What good is having the best design in the world without the ability to share it? Luckily, we have STEP files to make distributing designs easy. STEP files allow designers and engineers to share their designs in a neutral format compatible with many different CAD programs. These 3D models may also contain information about the […]


Everything You Need to Know About STEP Files

As an engineer, you probably have experience opening, reviewing, creating, or editing STEP files. During my freshman year at Rose-Hulman, I sat in a class with 30 other students who all seemed to have an enormous amount of knowledge about 3D modeling. Meanwhile, I had never created nor even opened one before, so the first […]