Design Methods to Improve Torsional Rigidity

The latest article in our Hardware Guide teaches product designers and engineers the key methods for analyzing and improving torsional rigidity in design. Defining torsion as the act of twisting along a structural component from an applied load, we focus on the example of the twist induced in a drive shaft when throttle is applied in a race car. The article focuses on how to enhance the torsional rigidity of the design.

using a CAD system, like CREO, to calculate polar moment of inertia

More specifically, we cover:

  • Rigidity as the resistance to twisting as a torque is applied to the component
  • A practical example on how to improve torsional rigidity for a drive shaft
  • Material properties that can improve the rigidity of a design
  • How to solve for polar moment of inertia, shear modulus, stiffness, and angle of twist, starting with a simple solid circular shaft
  • How to use CAD programs help solve for more complex geometries

Check out the full post in the Hardware Guide here.

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