Media Blasting

At a Glance

Applicable Materials




Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, Copper
Cosmetic parts (the surface of your Macbook Pro has been bead blasted)

About the Process

Media blasting uses a pressurized jet of abrasive media to apply a matte, uniform finish to the surface of parts. The most common media used are varying sizes of glass beads or sand, though for other levels of abrasion, things like plastic beads have also been used.

This process is used to create a uniform, matte finish on parts, but can also be used to hide machine marks or remove small flaws in parts prior to anodizing or other plating processes.

CNC finishing media blasting

Design Considerations

- Plugging threaded/reamed holes not required unless tolerances are very tight, as thickness change is minimal.
- Avoid blasting thin walls, as they are prone to deformation.
- Parts with intricate geometries may be difficult or impossible to uniformly finish.

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