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Rubber-Like 3D Printing Material

Rubber-Like is a digital Polyjet 3D printing material produced by Stratasys. It's great for simulating overmolds and rubbers with different durometers (hardness).

rubber-like 3d printing material


Technology Polyjet
Resolution 0.030mm-0.016mm [0.0012" - 0.00063"]
Shore Values Shore 27A, 40A, 50A, 60A, 70A, 85A, 95A
Price $$$$
Stage Produces production-like parts and is great for prototyping overmolds, soft-touch surfaces, knobs, gaskets, seals, and footwear.
Finish Offers different hardnesses, tear resistances, and tensile strengths. Perfect for prototypes that need to simulate overmolds for a smooth textured finish.
Strength Offers 7 different levels of Shore Scale A values from Shore 27 to Shore 95. This means you can pick the hardness of the material for your specific application, giving you great flexibility in strength and rigidity.



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