Jorge Espinel

Jorge earned his MS in Automotive Engineering from the University of Michigan, and his BS in Materials Engineering from the Universidad Simon Bolivar, Venezuela. He is currently working for a firm based in Florida that offers consulting, design and engineering services to major theme parks locally and worldwide. Jorge previously worked for two automotive companies and the multinational software company Autodesk. His design experience includes automotive design & simulation; motion-based systems; vehicle dynamics; animatronics; rollercoaster tracks design; Finite Element Method; Rendering/Animations; Rapid prototyping; Generative Design; Autodesk 3D software; CAD/CAE, Zbrush digital sculpting and PBR texturing. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter doing fun activities locally around the area and at the theme parks.

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A Basic Introduction to CNC Turning

CNC turning services offer a widespread technology for manufacturing cylindrical parts from various materials. Unlike CNC milling, CNC turning rotates the workpiece and introduces a stationary tool into the workpiece. Advanced CNC turning centers take this further by adding milling functionality to the machine to produce highly complex parts like those in the image below: […]


The 3 Essential Methods for Gear Machining

Historically, gear fabrication methods have been classified into three main categories: generation, forming, and form cutting. As new gear manufacturing technologies are developed, new methods will be added to the list, but for now, those three are still the most common ways for machining a gear: Gear Generation Sunderland Method Rack-type cutters are one of […]


Introduction to CNC Milling Cuts and Toolpaths

This article is a companion to Getting Started with CNC, an introduction to the different types of CNC milling machines and the software used to design the parts they produce. Here, we’re going to discuss CNC milling terminology, toolpaths, and common operations. Chip Formation You may have seen images like Figure 1, which show how […]


Getting Started with CNC Milling

Computer numerical control, or CNC, is one of the most common and well-known automated processes in manufacturing. CNC machines help companies and individuals make manufacturing processes easier to inspect and control while reducing human errors. They’re used for milling, turning, plasma cutting, electrical discharge machining, water jet cutting, punching, drilling, laser cutting, and more. This […]


The Basics of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

Sometimes when you’re choosing what manufacturing method to use, the requirements for dimensions, materials, and specifications make conventional production processes too expensive. Milling, turning and drilling to machine a block with openings and chamfers that will hold bearings or other components is complex and difficult. Of course, you can cast parts, but the up-front cast […]


EDM: Sparks Fly with This Gear Manufacturing Process

Gears can be fabricated using a myriad of different manufacturing methods. As you may expect, the profile of the teeth needs to follow specific dimensions and constraints in order to transmit torque, prevent slippage and excessive undesired contact stresses. Therefore, the fabrication process you select should accomplish the necessary tolerances and properties. This article will […]


The Ultimate Guide to Finishing CNC Machined Parts

Welcome to part II of our three-part series about secondary operations. This article covers finishing options, while the others discuss heat treatments and hardware installation. When discussing CNC machining surface finishing options, you may have heard terms like as-machined, anodizing, powder coating, or media blasting. But before we dig into the details of those processes, […]


3D Modeling: From Fundamentals to Advanced Techniques

The computer modeling world is a vast array of techniques and programs that can serve as tools in aiding professionals to create, simulate, and visualize their designs. This article will introduce some different types of 3D modeling software and then walk through a sample workflow in Solidworks to show you what you can do with […]