Test, Usability & Certification


After assembling your components, you need to test prototypes in order to extract as much information as possible to inform your next round of iterations. 

There are a ton of useful tests you can perform on early stage prototypes, working prototypes, and also on finished units in production. In this section, you'll find tactical articles that point you toward the right tests to consider when creating your product testing plan.

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Software and hardware engineers alike have heard some form of this advice: “Build lots of prototypes; iterate as fast as you can.”

Good products are developed with an iterative process (James Dyson famously made 5127 failed prototypes before he delivered a working 

The pre-production phase of the hardware product development cycle encompasses the commonly mentioned EVT (Engineering Verification Test), DVT (Design Verification Test), and PVT (Production Verifi

Congratulations! After a long design and prototype verification process, mass production has finally begun for your product.

Most hardware-focused startups have only one chance to build a product that users will value, enjoy using, and adopt into their lives. If a user has difficulty using a new device or isn’t able to s