23 New Materials Now Available on the Fictiv Platform

Our aim at Fictiv is to give customers access to a wide range of manufacturing choices through a single streamlined destination, for maximum speed and flexibility. We’re thrilled to share we’ve supercharged our portfolio of capabilities with 20 new CNC materials and 3 new 3D printing materials for Stereolithography (SLA) and Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technologies. SLA is also now available for instant quotes on the platform.

New CNC Machining Materials and Alloys

New CNC machining materials include Garolite G-10, which is useful for electronics applications; Nitronic 60, an all-purpose stainless steel material with superior wear and corrosion resistance; Ultem 1000, a plastic great for heat resistance, strength, and stiffness; Grade 5 Titanium, with great corrosion resistance and ability to withstand extreme temperatures; A2 Tool Steel, a material commonly used to make fixtures, tools, tool holders, gauges, and punches; PPS, a high performance engineering plastic with excellent temperature resistance and dimensional stability; New glass-filled options for Nylon, PEEK, and Delrin; Delrin AF, which is 13% PTFE-filled for load-bearing applications; and Cast Iron, which absorbs vibrations, making it ideal for gears, bases, pulleys and bushings.

Cast iron material for CNC machining

We’ve also added 4 new Aluminum alloys, and 5 new Steel alloys.

+ Read more about our CNC finishing options in our new CNC finishing guide.

New 3D Printing Materials & Capabilities

We’ve added Stereolithography to our portfolio of on-demand manufacturing capabilities, now available for instant quotes via the Fictiv platform. Stereolithography, or SLA, is a 3D printing technology known for achieving highly detailed and functionally accurate parts. The materials for SLA printing include Accura 25 and Accura ClearVue

Accura 25 SLA 3D printing material

Accura 25 is a durable, flexible SLA 3D printing material that can be used for functional prototyping or end-use parts, typically for short production runs. Accura ClearVue is a translucent material, and Accura ClearVue with Clear Coat can achieve the highest level of transparency of any of our material options.

Accura ClearVue SLA 3D printing material with clear coat

We have also added a new glass-filled material option for HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing. PA 12 Glass Beads, a variation of the Nylon PA 12 material with 40% glass beads fill. Parts made with PA 12 Glass Beads will have all the fine-grain, high-density, low-porosity qualities of typical Nylon 12, but with a higher degree of stiffness and dimensional stability and less tendency to warp. This material is a great option for large or flat parts.

PA 12 Glass Beads for Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing

You can read more about all of our 3D printing technology offerings in our 3D printing solutions guide.

More Options, More Possibilities

Whether you’re in the early stages of lean product development, moving from production validation testing into new product introduction, or in mass production stages, you can get fast quotes, automated manufacturability feedback, and rapid lead times through the Fictiv platform, now for a wider range of material capabilities.

Log in or sign up for your free account here to get your rapid quote and explore lead time/pricing options for these new materials!

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