3D Printing Materials

Introducing 15 New 3D Printing Materials

Discover our newly expanded catalogue of 3D printing materials with advanced properties, giving you even more choice and flexibility when you order with Fictiv.

At a glance

Material Processes Finishing Resolution About the Material Ultimate Tensile Strength Highest Operating Temp (C)
Ultem 9085 FDM Tan & black .25 mm High-performance thermoplastic known for its strength, heat resistance, and chemical resistance. Used in aerospace, automotive, and industrial applications. 81 MPa
(11,700 psi)
185°C (365°F).
Ultem 1010 FDM Amber .25 mm Similar to Ultem 9085 with high heat and chemical resistance. Commonly used in industries requiring strong, durable, and high-temperature-resistant parts. 77 MPa
(11,200 psi)
170°C (338°F).
TPU 88A SLS Black 0.10 mm Flexible and rubber-like material suitable for creating elastomeric parts, footwear components, and impact-resistant items. 8 MPa xy,
5 MPa z
Nylon 11 Fire Retardant SLS White .10 mm Nylon-based material with fire retardant properties, used in applications where flame resistance is essential. 46 MPa xy,
39 MPa z
186°C (melting point)
PC-ISO FDM White .2 mm Polycarbonate-based material with biocompatibility, making it suitable for medical and healthcare applications requiring sterilization. 57 MPa
(8,300 psi)
ABS - M30i FDM Ivory (been called
natural in the past)
.25 mm ABS thermoplastic optimized for medical applications, offering strength and biocompatibility. Used for creating medical tools and devices. 36 MPa
(4,650 psi)
Nylon 12 FDM Black .2 mm Durable material with good mechanical properties, often utilized for functional prototypes and end-use parts requiring toughness. 49.3 MPa (xz),
41.8 MPa (zx)
Nylon 6 FDM Dark grey .2 mm Nylon-based material known for its versatility, used in applications requiring strength, durability, and chemical resistance. 67.6 MPa (xz),
36.5 MPa (zx)
St-130 FDM Grey 0.330 mm Highly specific material used in the production of carbon fiber prototyping and manufactruing. This soluable material allows you to create complex tooling for carbon fiber layup. Once sealed and cured, the ST-130 can be cleanly removed by dissolving the material. This leaves you with very clean and accurate carbon fiber parts. Perfect for the robotics and aerospace industries. 121°C
Accura AMX Rigid black SLA Black .10 mm Accurate resin offering high stiffness and smooth surface finish. Used for industrial prototypes and components. 52 MPa 64°C
Somos Evolve SLA White .10 mm Resin with excellent durability, toughness, and temperature resistance, ideal for functional prototypes and parts. 56.8 MPa (yield) 52.3°C
Somos Watershed SLA Clear .10 mm Transparent resin known for its clarity and water resistance, suitable for optical and clear components. 50.4 MPa 50°C
Somos Waterclear SLA Clear .10 mm Resin designed for transparent applications, providing optical clarity and high light transmission. 53 MPa
(8,100 psi)
Somos Perfrom SLA White .10 mm High-performance resin with strength and durability, often used in aerospace, automotive, and industrial sectors for functional parts. 68 MPa 286°C