February Hardware Roundup

Welcome to another month of the Fictiv Hardware Roundup, where we share interesting news, education, events and opportunities from the hardware ecosystem.

Want to contribute? Have feedback? Want to just talk hardware? Shoot me an email at madelynn@fictiv.com.

Industry News

  • Great interview with Nick Weaver, founder of Eero on the developments of the last year. Says Weaver, “When you don't have a legacy business, and you have one core product to support, you can be much more nimble, and also more focused.” [via Fast Company]
  • Moment is back on Kickstarter with not one, not two, but three new accessories to make your mobile phone work as a professional camera! There’s some great information on the Kickstarter page on how the Moment team went about building these new products, check it out. [via Kickstarter]
  • What do you do use when Darpa asks you to build single-use emergency supply delivery vehicles that disappear after they’ve delivered their payload? Cardboard, says Star Simpson of robotics company Otherlab, as Wired explores the Aerial Platform Supporting Autonomous Actions drone. [via Wired]

Hardware Knowledge

  • Bolt partner Ben Einstein writes about how to balance customer expectations when building a hardware product. Contrasting the product features of Google Glass versus Snap’s glasses, Einstein offers sound advice on how to create benefits, not features. [via Bolt]
  • Who knew that the easiest way to do prototype inventory tracking is by using numbered ID stickers and Google Sheets? Sam Feller, Head of Product Development at WrightGrid, demonstrates his method. Primarily used for keeping track of PCBs, I could also see it being applied to enclosures and design revisions. [via Medium]
  • 3D Printing Industry has a great interview with Professor Jennifer Lewis from the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Her lab has been instrumental in advanced methods for 3D printing, whether printing living kidney and heart cells or constructing batteries. Learn about her history and the future of working with living matter. [via 3D Printing Industry]


  • If you’re heading to Austin for SXSW, Hardware House is the place to be on Friday, March 10, at 6pm. This is their 4th annual event for professionals in the hardware industry, served at WeWork on Congress. [RSVP here]
  • On the East Coast, DFM Summit #20 is happening March 20 in New York. Looks like it’s going to be a great gathering of leading product developers, industrial designers, engineers, and manufacturers interested in a leaner manufacturing ecosystem. [Register here]
  • Hardware Massive is hosting HardwareCon March 24-25, with two days of learning and networking for hardware startups. Join us at 2pm on Friday, March 24, for Dave Evans’ presentation on “Going from Digital to Physical Effectively.” [Register Here]


For the Love of Engineering

  • Take a peek at the robots that are improving the manufacturing of the Boeing 777 assembly. [via Youtube]
  • Speaking of robots and automation, I’m mesmerized by this entire YouTube channel that shows how robots and humans perform the same tasks. [via YouTube]

Until next month!

Madelynn, Director of Community at Fictiv

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