Andrew Hudak

Fictiv Prototyping Engineer. Everyone has a story, and I want to hear them all. Mine is told through design, music, and getting lost outside.

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Human Centered Design: Better Products through Empathy and Iteration

My favorite type of product is one that I hardly notice—something that’s in my life every day, improving it significantly, yet blends seamlessly into my routine. For example, a wristwatch fits gently but snugly around your wrist, keeps time with a tiny precision mechanism, is easy to glance at when you need it, and fades […]


CNC Periodic Table of Elements

Fictiv’s CNC machining service provides parts in just 3 days, via our simple online interface. In addition to powering hardware teams with the best fabrication services, we think it’s really important to support development with prototyping and manufacturing knowledge. Our awesome design and manufacturing teams teamed up to create a visual representation of the foundational […]


Tolerance Analysis Fundamentals Workshop

A few weeks ago we hosted a workshop on the fundamentals of tolerance analysis. In the workshop, we walked a group of engineers through the basic steps of a simple tolerance analysis, to help them gain experience around how to complete a tolerance analysis for higher quantity manufacturing processes. In the workshop we reviewed: Important keyword […]


Ready, Set, GO! Drone Design Through Rapid Iteration

If you’ve ever been to Fictiv HQ, either to pick up parts for one of our events, or simply just to say hi and chat about hardware, you may have seen our drone prototypes. For those unfamiliar with them, these prototypes are a series of material samples in the form of mini drone bodies and […]


Finishing Metal Parts Glossary

While the tool marks left on metal parts produced using CNC machining services are visually appealing to some, in many cases, some additional post-processing may be desired or even required. There are a variety of finishes that one can use to add functionality or aesthetic appeal to parts, and the glossary below will help you […]


GoPro Evolution: A Teardown Through the Ages – Part 2

We’ve embarked on a journey to teardown three generations of GoPro products to see how the product has changed over time: GoPro Hero original GoPro Hero 3 ‍ The newest GoPro Session camera. To see teardowns of the GoPro Hero original and GoPro Hero 3, check out part 1 of this series. If you’re looking for the […]


GoPro Evolution: A Teardown Through the Ages – Part 1

Our latest teardown focuses on the popular action camera GoPro. This teardown is actually not a singular adventure, but an odyssey of epic proportions, split into 2 parts. We’ll look at the product’s evolution across three generations and see how the engineering and manufacturing techniques have changed in the last half decade. To begin this ancestral analysis, […]