Jean Olivieri

Chief Operating Officer at Fictiv. Jean Olivieri has over 27 years of strategic supply chain operations and hardware development experience at Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Motorola and SpaceX.

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The Digital Transformation of Wellness and Healthcare: Lessons Learned in the Pandemic

There is no doubt that healthcare has been center stage in 2020, and for good reason, but what has the role of technology been and how can technology help to manage the current crisis and improve health and wellness in the future?


Predictable Quality in an Unpredictable World

Throughout my career in supply chain operations, I’ve staked my reputation on quality. From building iPods at Apple, where design precision was essential, to rockets at SpaceX, where functional reliability was absolutely critical, I’ve understood the importance of robust quality management systems when it comes to delivering world-class products. Having spent 27 years in the […]


Supply Chain Safety in the COVID-19 World

Here at Fictiv, we care deeply about our community – especially in times of crisis.  With the recent declaration of a national state of emergency in the United States and with many other countries on lockdown, we’ve taken extra precautions to ensure that all Fictiv customers, employees, and partners are not at risk of COVID-19.  […]