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Builds & Banter Webinar Recap: How to Increase Influence to Build Better Products, Faster

Mechanical engineers play a critical role in bringing new innovations to market, and effective communication with key stakeholders is a key part of that process. In our latest Builds & Banter webinar, product design and manufacturing experts Greg Miner, Todd Taylor, and David Cagle shared techniques for increasing engineers’ influence with product management to share […]


How Nebia is Leveraging the Research of Giants to Disrupt Static Consumer Spaces

The vision behind Nebia, a Y Combinator-backed shower head raising $2.5 million and counting on Kickstarter, started with a simple problem: high-end gym goers tend to take their sweet time in the shower and, as a result, use up a lot of water. The unlikely inspiration for a solution to this problem? Industrial nozzles used by […]


What Every Startup Needs to Know About Accelerator Programs

Guide for startups on how to get the most out of hardware accelerator programs.