Crash Course in Consumer Electronics Certifications

If you and your team have a winning consumer electronics product idea and the right set of experience and skills to bring it to market, that's great news! The less great news is that 50% of consumer electronics products fail EMC testing during their first pass, which can stop product development process in its tracks. The result? High costs and product release delays.

To help you avoid delays and get your product into the hands of your customers as seamlessly as possible, we've developed an overview of certification requirements for consumer electronics to be sold in the United States. 

Bluegiga BLE 112 FCC, IC, CE, Japan & South Korea certified Bluetooth Smart module

This post will accelerate your learning and help you make informed in the early stages of development. You'll learn about:

  • Meeting FCC requirements
  • EMC testing
  • RF testing
  • Safety testing
  • Meeting NRTL standards
  • Pricing out costs
  • Setting a timeline

Check out the full post on the Hardware Guide to read more!

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