Fictiv Capabilities


Welcome to Fictiv! The Capabilities Guide is here to help you learn more about the details of Fictiv's on-demand manufacturing platform.

What is Fictiv?

Fictiv is a manufacturing platform and the most efficient way to fabricate parts. Powered by a distributed network of highly vetted vendors, Fictiv provides the critical infrastructure teams need to streamline prototyping and accelerate development cycles. The online interface makes it easy for customers to get instant quotes, review manufacturing feedback, and manage orders—all through a single service. Learn more about our platform on our How it Works page.

Getting Started

To get started with the Fictiv platform, simply create your account here (takes ~6 seconds). Once you have an account, you can start uploading files for instant pricing and design for manufacturing feedback from our team of prototyping engineers.

For answers to common getting started questions, check out our Help Center.

Uploading Models

It's easy to upload models to the Fictiv platform for manufacturing quotes. Simply upload your native CAD file (no export needed). We accept all standard file formats like .step, .stl and .obj. For more information on all the file types we accept, check out this help article.

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